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Reception in business offices

Needless to say, no company or institution can go without a professional front desk: it promotes the company’s image and efficiency. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the pressure placed on prices these past years has been a detriment to quality. In this context, Marianne has taken a concerted position referring partly to a strong framework and provision of mostly experienced candidates who are looking for steady work.

The receptionist’s profession, contrary to popular belief, is neither trivial nor accessible to anyone without prior training. The required qualifications (standard vocabulary, languages, office work...) and the necessary regularity (daily punctuality and consistency in performance) must be complemented by behavioral skills such as maturity, initiative and a sense of confidentiality.

Also we are very selective in the matter of recruitment and attentive to the realisation of training, should the need be, as we consider that it is our hosts and hostesses that shape our reputation on a daily basis.

Outsourcing receptionists at our clients’ companies is often accompanied by the benefits of administrative services: mail agent, factotum and light maintenance.